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DW154:  A Guide to High Quality Safety-Critical Plastic Ductwork

Safety-critical plastic ductwork, typically made using PVC or polypropylene, and reinforced with GRP as required, is used for transportation of hazardous fumes and vapours. Safety critical systems are those whose failure results in loss of life, property damage or damage to the environment.

Published by BESA in 2000, DW154 is the UK standard for fabrication and installation of plastic ductwork systems.  Construction specifications should require that fabrication and installation be undertaken to that standard by a specialist BESA plastic ductwork member.

About this site will assist designers, specifiers and contractors understand “What is DW154” and thereby source the right solution for the plastic ductwork element of their construction project.  Specifically:

  • What does DW154 cover?
  • Who should I use for my plastic ductwork project?

The right solution includes quality of product and service through the construction phase, and the provision of long-term safety for the end user.  We have included a whitepaper to assist you with your selection processes, and links to other potentially useful sites.

What does DW154 cover?

The standard is split into six sections:

  1. Technical information to be provided by the designer
  2. Standards, including ductwork construction and joint sealing
  3. Rectangular ducts, including guidance on flanges and stiffeners
  4. Circular ducts
  5. Hangars and supports
  6. General, including access hatches, dampers and GRP reinforcement

Detailed criteria for ductwork fabrication are set out in a series of tables.

Who should I use for my plastic ductwork project?

BESA members are committed to UK standards, and are audited to ensure that they provide high quality service to the building industry and a safe long-term environment for end users.

It makes sense to choose a specialist BESA member for your safety-critical plastic ductwork project – read about the common mistakes made by non-specialist contractors here.